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Spring Comes Early
Best cannabis club in Madrid

Why we love Spring Comes Early

One of the newest associations in Madrid, Spring Comes Early (SCE) has certainly awoken our senses. Located in the best zone, barrio Salamanca, this new Madrid cannabis social club is our new favourite. Quite possibly our new rite of Spring….and Summer, Fall and Winter!! 


This excellent cannabis club in Madrid is located on a wide open, quiet street, just near a buzzing square with eateries and bars with many trees and parasols to keep cool in summer, just north of the famous Goya street.

Honesty bar

Just past reception, you’ll find a nice comfy honesty bar with high stools where you can fill up on great Italian coffee, waters and coca-cola, along with an assortment of refreshments. 

Peaceful, chill vibe

This is a stylish place!, because Spring Comes Early offers an open, diaphanous space with modern polished cement flooring, invitingly furnished. With the addition of soft, low hanging raffia lighting here and there, bookshelves and plants, the club transmits a peaceful, chill vibe. You’ll definitely feel at home here. 



A club’s dispensary is at the heart of any association. But, hey! The dispensary at Spring Comes Early…….. Wow! Just wow! A truly original space! Take your time to choose and chat to the knowledgeable bud tenders.  The team at Spring Comes Early are totally committed to holding an interesting, varied stock of products and paraphenalia. 

Weed-Infused Chocolate brownies

We have a special recommendation to try the brownie, lovingly prepared to a tried and tested recipe, washed down with Spring Comes Early special Italian coffee. Double yum!

Green Age - Barcelona

Why we love Green Age

Green Age cannabis club in Barcelona is one of the city’s best cannabis social club. With chic, contemporary decor, a marijuana selection unlike that of any other dispensary, Green Age cannabis club is a super smart example of everything that a good smoker’s organization should be. 

Hip and chill

The club manages to be hip and chill, exclusive but warm, and above all else – dedicated to the cause that we’re gathered here for: freedom to use marijuana.



Situated in the chicest part of Barcelona, where all the biggest worldwide brand names have chosen to locate their boutiques, Green Age is a must-visit for the discerning marijuana consumer.

First impressions

You’ll be greeted by the friendly staff, who helpfully speak several languages. The lobby is elegantly decorated, with lots of welcoming earthy wood tones. In the main lounge area, there are several seating zones featuring plush Chesterfield leather armchairs and couches set around contemporary designer coffee tables, all of which gives it a sophisticated 5-star feel. 

Highest quality product

At the beautifully appointed bar, make your selection of some of the finest weed in town. Green Age has a unique offering of marijuana strains and hash that you just won’t find elsewhere in Barcelona. 

Other stuff

Green Age generally hosts a number of events, dj nights, samplings etc. Plus there’s an area with a couple of billiard tables and even futbolín.



The Dawg House - Mojácar

The Dawg House




Mojácar in Almeria is one of those special places which stays with you a long time after you leave. With 17 kms of beach, also called Ibiza of the south because of its buzzing night life at the beach bars that roll out directly onto the golden sands, below a charming village with a hippy spirit.



The dispensary is a chic shade of black and is discreetly placed to the rear of the club, behind the bar. With a menu of more than 20 varieties of grass, you’ll surely be there for a while deciding which to go for. These guys know their stuff and, as we said, are devoted to helping you discover their strains. If you’re into hash, you’ve got a great choice too. They’ve got edibles, and a special BHO (distilled twice), and they’ll soon be stocking THC extracts.


A whole lotta love

The Dawg House team have poured a lot of love into this place and, in addition, have a passion for stocking some of the best grass selection we’ve seen in a while outside the big cities of Barcelona and Madrid.

Hanging around

Inside, you’ll be struck by how light and airy it all is. Greenery abounds, artfully cascading over some really cool hanging cocoon rattan chairs where you’ll want to hang out for a really long time. There’s a pool table, some other tables to sit and talk with friends, reminiscent of a canna-bistro diner all set out with hookah pipes. 

Why we love the Dawg House

The friendly staff are committed to proving the club’s raison d’être: to provide a safe environment with excellent products where people can come and relax and enjoy themselves. We can’t help but love it!

Cali Smookers Club - Marbella

Cali Smookers Weed Club

Marbella. Bling. Luxury. Cool.

That’s what we think whenever we visit Marbella. Obviously, a lot of other people do too as record numbers of visitors hit this golden tourist spot each year.

Now, we can help you have a part of that dream and get you access to one of the coolest cannabis social clubs in Marbella. The Cali Smookers Weed Club.


Artwork in cool surroundings

Amazing products

This dope club (in both senses of the word!) is small and intimate. You step off the street into a glorious, shiny bubble. We loved the graffiti style artwork. The dispensary barista offers in-depth knowledge of some of the best weed and hash on the planet (we tried Melon sundae, Apple filter, blackntruffle). Also on offer are loads of edibles such as gummies, Doritos thc, Trips ahoy.  They’ve got  wax, Zkittlez extract, even pre-rolls. It’s truly like walking into an exclusive sweet shop for stoners.


Service and quality

The team at the club told us they had set up the Cali Smookers club wanting to be among the best cannabis associations in Europe – with: service and quality – and, they’re right, that organic coffee on the go is great coffee too. Nice sounds to chill to as well.  

Safe, secure environment

Because of the difficulties of getting good weed in a secure, cool environment, they’ve created this beautifully designed and safe smoking club for people to socialize and make new friends.  They recalled that they felt it really was their mission to ensure that everyone who visits and wants to consume cannabis in Marbella has a top-class, memorable experience at The Cali Smookers club.

Long opening hours, near the beach

Cali Smookers Weed Club is situated conveniently on the main street, very near the seafront.  Marbella is all about 24 hour fun, which is why it is so awesome that, as a member of this spectacular club, you’ll be able to chill 7 days a week from 09:00-02:00.

Green Door - Mallorca

A new club in Mallorca

Known for its beautiful coastline, stunning beaches, secluded coves, quaint limestone mountains villages and dynamic nightclubs, Mallorca is a place for adventure.   Now, there’s the added attraction of Green Door, a super nice cannabis club.



El Arenal is a heavenly beach of fine white sand, pretty near Palma de Mallorca, the capital – just a ride away by taxi or bus. Entry is by invitation only. With our invitation your check-in registration procedure will be quick and efficient.


Upstairs, there’s a bright, welcoming dispensary area with chairs, tables and a few sofas too where you can relax as you make your choice.  The dispensary itself is super well-stocked with many different varieties. and the guys certainly make an effort to maintain a really nice inventory.

Safe island vibe

The team at Green Door told us they had wanted to set up a cool, safe club with an international vibe to match the island charm. 

Ambience on two floors

Downstairs, there’s a really awesome softly lit area where you can enjoy the products, seated on amply wall-surrounding sofas. It’s a chill place where memebers can get together and chat or just be cool.

Video installations and music

Additionally, there’s a dj set-up for great music sessions and we just loved the cool immersive video installations which cover the walls.  We loved the whole get-uo and felt really at home there.

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