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Our team at Cannabis Club Joints is made up of experienced professionals who are passionate about providing safe and legitimate access to premium cannabis social clubs in Spain. We have scoured the country to find the best clubs and ensure that responsible adults have access to the best weed products. How does it work? We are cannabis activists who truly believe that all adults who wish to consume cannabis in a responsible way in a secure and legal environment should not be stigmatised. We simply offer our sponsorship to like-minded individuals to join the best weed clubs in Spain.  Remember, you only pay your membership fee in the club. 

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At Cannabis Club Joints, we specialize in providing sponsorship to only the best and most trusted cannabis social clubs in Spain. We believe cannabis is a responsible lifestyle choice and our team is dedicated to ensuring that our friends have access to the best weed products and up-to-date legal information.

Cannabis edibles are regularly on offer in the our trusted clubs. Edibles can come in a variety of forms, including gummies, baked goods, chocolates, etc. Remember edibles can take longer to kick in, often between 30 minutes to two hours, and can last for several hours. It is also important for users to start with a low dosage and be aware of the potency of the product they are consuming.
Cannabis vapes are regularly on offer at our trusted clubs. Be sure to ask the bud tender for their recommendations on the different strains in the cartridges.

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Our team came together in order to achieve our common goal of providing accurate information on the cannabis scene in Spain. We pooled our knowledge to create Cannabis Club Joints, a platform to foster a sense of unity, trust, and collaboration among like-minded individuals, whether they be club owners or club members.

John, cannabis activist

Mary, in the zone

Clubs we trust

Spring Comes Early, Madrid
Green Age, Barcelona

The Dawg House, Mojácar

Cali Smookers Club, Marbella

Green Door, Mallorca

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