As the days get longer and the sun starts blazing, it’s time to elevate your Spanish summer vibes with some top-notch cannabis strains. Whether you’re hitting the beach (after a visit to The DawgHouse, our favourite cannabis club in Mojácar – or The Green Door in El Arenal in Mallorca), enjoying a picnic in the Retiro park (after a visit to Spring Comes Early, our favourite cannabis club in Madrid), or simply relaxing on your airbnb terrace (after a visit to Green Age, our favourite cannabis club in Barcelona) the right strain can make your summer adventures even more magical. Let’s dive into the best cannabis strains to enhance your  summer experience! Please go to the contacts page if you would like our  membership sponsorhip for our favourite clubs.

1. Blue Dream: The Classic Favorite

First up, we have Blue Dream, a strain that’s as iconic as a summer sunset. This sativa-dominant hybrid combines the best of both worlds with its sweet berry aroma and balanced effects. It’s perfect for daytime use, giving you a gentle boost of energy and creativity without overwhelming your senses. Picture this: you’re lounging by the pool, the sky is a brilliant blue, and with a puff of Blue Dream, you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. Bliss!

2. Gelato

The name just conjures up summer! This slightly indica heavy hybrid has a sweet sherbet zing with blueberry and orange flavors.  Brain freeze it ain’t but it will give you a heady high, a euphoric rush and a good ability to zone in.  Imagine meditating in a warm spot under a tree, zoning in on nature and feeling at one with that great big world out there,

3. Pineapple Express: Adventure Awaits

If you’re in the mood for adventure, Pineapple Express is your ticket to an exhilarating summer day. This sativa-heavy hybrid offers a burst of tropical flavor with notes of pineapple and cedar, delivering a potent punch of energy and euphoria. It’s the perfect companion for those days when you want to explore new places or try new activities. Whether you’re surfing, biking, or just taking a scenic drive, Pineapple Express will keep you energized and excited.

4. Tropicana

For those who dream of an Club Tropicana getaway, Tropicana is a great summer strain. This classic sativa hybrid has all those tropical flavors you’d expect – mango, earthy citrus and spicy pepper – and will take you to a plane of bliss just perfect for those summer nights as it will leave your body totally relaxed and ready for sleep.  so, with cicadas in the background on a sultry, warm summer night, this may be the strain for you.

5. Lemon Haze: Zesty and Refreshing

Lemon Haze is like a cool lemonade on a hot day—refreshing, tangy, and utterly satisfying. This sativa-dominant strain has a sharp lemon aroma and delivers a burst of energy and euphoria. It’s great for social gatherings, ensuring you stay chatty and cheerful throughout the event. Think backyard barbecues, summer festivals, or even just a fun day with friends; Lemon Haze keeps the good times rolling.

6. Watermelon Zkittlez: Juicy Relaxation

When it’s time to wind down after a day of summer fun, Watermelon Zkittlez is your go-to strain. This indica-dominant hybrid has a deliciously sweet and fruity flavor profile, reminiscent of a fresh slice of watermelon. It offers calming and relaxing effects, making it perfect for those warm summer nights when you just want to chill out under the stars. Kick back in your hammock, light up some Watermelon Zkittlez, and let the tranquility take over.

7. Durban Poison: Pure Energy

Lastly, we have Durban Poison, a pure sativa that’s all about energy and focus. With its sweet, earthy aroma and uplifting effects, it’s perfect for those action-packed summer days. Whether you’re attending a music festival, playing beach volleyball, or embarking on a spontaneous road trip, Durban Poison keeps you alert and engaged. It’s the ultimate strain for those who want to make the most of every sunny moment.


Summer is all about making memories, and the right cannabis strain can elevate every experience. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or just a little bit of both, these strains are sure to enhance your summer days. So grab your favorite strain, soak up the sunshine, and enjoy the best summer ever. Cheers to good vibes and high times!

Just an aside, when we want to find something out about any strains which are new for us (and Marijuana Games team love to try out new strains!) our go-to tool is the amazing resource that is Allbud

Please note that Cannabis Club Joints does not own cannabis clubs nor does it sell cannabis (please check out the legalities of cannabis consumption in Spain).  However, we are passionate i our belief that all responsible adults should have safe and secure access to weed


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